This March sees the fifth anniversary of the founding of Axente, our independent sales agency.

We’re delighted to report that after five years of trading, we see a growing demand for a business like ours, one that helps companies navigate the choppy waters of the IT channel.

Our expertise in this field is a valuable asset, and our close partnerships with our vendors and leading distributors means that we can bridge the gap between the two. Our vendors get their products into major distributors. And our distributors get the products they want, with all of the information and support they need to make their jobs easier.

Changes at Axente

The core of our business has been the same since day one: we help IT companies get their products into the IT channel and steadily build their sales. One recent change was the addition of R-Go Tools as one of our selected vendors. We’re currently in talks with another company about acting as their independent sales agent. All being well, we look forward to announcing this in the coming weeks.

Beyond that, we’ll be doing more of the same: maintaining close links with our distributors, staying close to our vendors, and doing our best to make sure that both parties get a great deal.

Here’s to another five years!