As of February 2018, Axente is no longer the UK sales agent for Dicota bags and accessories. This follows their decision to bring their sales agent role in-house and take on a new sales representative to cover the UK and Ireland.

We were invited to take on this full-time role, we are committed to building Axente Ltd as an independent sales agent, and also serving our long-standing and new vendors.¬†While we’re disappointed to lose their account, we appreciate that vendors must choose the approach that makes sense for them. For some, this means using an independent sales agent who can efficiently access a market; but for others it makes sense to increase head-count.

We can also feel proud of the gains we made for our client during our years-long relationship. Our careful management of their account produced exponential growth and helped them reach new audiences. Dicota is a highly respected manufacturer of high-quality products, and we’re proud to have represented them for so long.

Our attention now turns to our existing vendor, NewStar, and our newest partner, R-Go Tools. The futyr